I love how rational philosophers are

to the point of being scientific, like they may as well be doing an experiment and talking about something literal.

And I love how logical they are when it comes to abstract things. Although most of them may be atheist, it’s like philosophy is their religion. 

And I love that they even attempt to define the soul. 

And perhaps that’s what makes them geniuses and deep thinkers, is the attempt, but honestly, and maybe I’m just pompous and ignorant for saying this, who the fuck thinks they can define the soul. A religion thinks that. A philosopher thinks that. Why would you want to define it? When you define the soul with words, you are limiting its potential.

It’s okay for an artist to do it, because the end result can be interpreted by an audience. It’s beautiful. And artists DO capture the soul because their art is a reflection of themselves. The soul itself. They aren’t talking about it, they aren’t drawing about it. It’s there, it’s apparent.

And I love how as much abstract crap as they all talk they never take emotions into account. For being so obsessed with the big picture, grand scheme of things, yadda yadda, they ignore the HUMAN CONDITION.  

Come on. Fucking Plato. 

I don’t even know what I’m saying.

I just feel like ranting. 

It’s political philosophy anyways, it’s not even emotion based so everything I just typed is irrelevant.

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